Information for Companies

Mathematical Technologies can help companies in solving their industrial problems from a wide variety of sectors: Mechatronics, ICT, Logistics and Transport, Health and Biomedical etc.

If you need to reduce production costs, innovate your processes or improve your services, then present your business problem to the 124th ESGI.

The benefits for a company participating in a Study Group are:

  • Exploring new fresh ideas and solutions to its industrial problems;
  • Increasing the internal know-how;
  • Establishing strong and productive collaborations with international researchers in Mathematical Technologies;
  • Taking advantage of alternative points of view;
  • Identifying new industrial research lines to offer innovative products and services.

Our Team will support you in presenting your case at no cost and without any commitment but preserving the confidentiality of the information.

The participation fee will be modulated according to the size of your company. You just need to be present at the meeting during the first day (problem presentation) and the last day (final presentation of the results). A final report on each problem will be prepared in the weeks following the event.